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About Me

Hi there, it’s Chloe, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

Why Read this Blog

In this blog, I’ll be primarily exploring topics and questions I believe are important to live a happy, fulfilled life. They are mainly on productivity, wealth & happiness.


1. How do we get more done in less time?

2. How do we be more effective at work?

3. What tools are useful to increase productivity?


1. How do we manage our money? 

2. How do we invest our wealth?

3. What are ways we can increase our income?


1. What makes a person happy?

2. How do we calm anxiety?

3. How do we deal with challenges in life?

In our current age & society, it isn’t a problem of not having enough information. It’s the opposite – we live in an age of distractions and information overload where we are being constantly fed content from marketing & social media. My purpose of this blog is to share what I believe is content that can help better your life – be it in the form of a book or a course.

Thank you for stopping by, and I truly hope you enjoy the articles written here!